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Who is Mitandi

Mitandi is an Operational Efficiency Expert who works with businesses to streamline and optimise their internal processes. Mitandi works with SMEs in the UK financial services and fintech sectors to improve areas that may not be performing to their full potential.

What we do

Mitandi’s services offer an outside, objective perspective on business processes, working with the businesses to help uncover and address underlying issues that may be preventing them from working at optimum.

Why Mitandi

More than ever, businesses need to ensure their processes, strategies and solutions are geared for success and compliance. Mitandi can guide them toward these goals by balancing efficiency alongside effectiveness. Using a highly personal, reliable, and insightful approach, Mitandi strives to give each client peace of mind.

Consulting Services


Business Process Mapping & Planning

Business process mapping is a framework for visualising internal processes. It promotes transparency, not only for those within the company, but also for all stakeholders, especially those involved in compliance. Mitandi helps businesses to better ensure Risk and Legislative Compliance across the business.


Systems Mapping & Planning

With Mitandi’s support, you can better understand your business systems architecture and capabilities. We work with you to inventory, map, analyse, and create an actionable plan to improve all the high-level and detailed business systems that go into your business.

Systems Implementations and Integrations

Mitandi offers both consultative and implementation support. When we have assessed and reported on ways to improve operational efficiency, we can stay on either to offer further advice or participate actively in implementing the changes.


Business Efficiency Improvements

Mitandi will look for problems and find solutions to improve efficiency across the board. Motivating improvements is as important as quantifying the impact.

Process Automation

Opportunities for automation are identified with a full understanding of the impact to the broader business.

Change Management

Improve your business long-term by identifying, communicating and managing your business transformation across all your teams.

Financial Controls Implementations

Implementation / improvement of MI (Management Information) – the “one source of truth”. Setting up MI and robust processes and control.


System and Control Gap Analysis

Analyse systems and controls to highlight areas of weakness or requiring attention.


Operational Strategy Planning and Documentation

Identify the core business strategy and document and communicate in a way that ensures adherence across the business, working towards a common goal.

Operational Resilience

Identification of business services whose smooth running is essential to consumers and mapping and testing tolerances. Not just a regulatory requirement, a framework to navigate unexpected events with agility.

Business Documentation

Identify, improve and document operational policies and procedures. Create controls that ensure policies underpin all operations.

Streamlined Business Solutions

Mitandi boasts 20+ years of experience in operational efficiency consulting, helping organisations implement strategies to improve their technical, customer and operations of their business.

How you benefit


Long-term business performance improvement


Increased business efficiency, productivity and resilience


Reap immediate benefits by reducing the amount of time and resources your company wastes


Identify and align best practices by standardising commonly repeated processes


All operational, system and process capabilities are aligned across the business to enable and support change initiatives


Higher ROI

Streamlined and optimised processes that eliminate unnecessary steps allowing your business to achieve a better ROI on resources spent

“Mandy knows how to get the job done, she is very direct and a absolute pleasure to work with, great sense of humour and very personable. She always had time for me and my colleague when we needed to ask for advice or dealing with a process. A true asset to CLS.”

Jamie Yates, CLS

Practical Use Cases

Bratex Ltd

At Bratex, Mandy designed and implemented a stock control module (using MS Access) that integrated from showroom design, through finance and stock control and on to CNC machinery. This enabled the company to maintain a JIT operation and eliminated waste and improved control of raw materials.


At GlaxoSmithKline (Zimbabwe), Mandy was employed at the point of the merger between SmithKline Beecham and Glaxo Wellcome. She was instrumental in navigating the new reporting processes and ensuring alignment with global procedures. She was also responsible for the local merger of the two arms. At the same time, she was responsible for re-implementing a previously badly implemented finance package within very short timeframes to enable the years accounts to be audited.


At CLS, Mandy initially overhauled a new finance system ensuring accurate control of insurance premiums and recognition of revenue as well as addressing credit control. She implemented real-time financial updates from online and offline sources, including schemes. She also implemented bordereaux out reporting with imbedded financial control and reconciliation.

About Mitandi

Mandy Stephens is an Operational Efficiency Expert, with a qualification in Accounting (ACMA, CGMA) which has positioned her as a multi-faceted business and technical expert.

Mandy has driven operational change and ethical corporate governance throughout her career. As a Business Analyst and Project Manager for insurance giant AIG, Mandy implemented solutions, both internally developed and “off-the-shelf”, across all European and UK offices before becoming Finance Director then Managing Director and COO of CLS Group Services in the UK.

Her business acumen is geared towards managing change; coordinating multiple functional disciplines; translating vision into mission and strategy; implementing robust controls & procedures; and business planning to optimise opportunities.

Today, Mandy applies deep commercial and financial analysis to improve operational delivery capabilities for SMEs, small businesses, finserv/fintech startups and entrepreneurial ventures.

Ready to Optimise?


Mandy Stephens

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